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ESC Fire Watch Training Course


ESC Fire Watch Training Course


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This course is designed to train personnel in identifying, controlling and preventing fires in the workplace. Identifying the type of fire that has occurred enables workers to determine the most effective means of controlling and extinguishing it. Having the proper firefighting equipment and the skill to implement correct operations and procedures enables personnel to control and extinguish a fire.

Understanding the sources and causes of fires is necessary to preventing them. Along with the skills to deal with the aftermath of a fire the attendee will learn preventative measures, including: correct operation, proper procedures and understanding possible sources.

Hands on training with a Bullex Machine. (Bullex is a live fire simulator. This unit has a real flame that allows the attendees a chance to put out a fire using a water filled extinguisher)

Attendees must bring basic PPE including hard hat, steel toe boots, safety glasses and fire retardant coveralls for use during the practical portion.

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