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CMC Clutch

$1,099.00 $1,200.00
Introducing the CLUTCH manufactured by Harken Industrial. Harken is a trusted name in all things rope across many industries. This versatile device comes in 2 different colours, coordinated with their rope capacity sizing (Grey - 10. mm and Red 12.5mm to 13mm). 
This device has been tested to be used for not only hauling and lowering/belay in rescue operations but also for smooth and efficient personal ascent and descent. The Clutch boasts the most efficient ascending capability for any product within its class. No longer are you restricted to needing different devices for different systems. The Clutch is your go to for all applications holding both NFPA G, CE and ANSI certifications. 

• Efficiency improving performance: CLUTCH features a stainless steel faceted ratcheting sheave that provides firm grip on the rope with an audible progressive capture.

• Intuitive and safe by design: CLUTCH has been designed for ease of use, simple and secure control and efficient operation. The double-latched side plate operates independently of the device‘s attachment point. This innovative design also eliminates an inadvertent opening and allows users to change rope with disconnecting.

• Preparedness and value that is unmatched: The CLUTCH is a combination of some of the attributes of less sophisticated wearable personal descenders but with the features, engineering and capability of expensive multipurpose devices. It also reduces the equipment a team is required to carry while assuring they’re ready for the most technical rescues.

• Refined descenting: The patented stainless steel faceted ratcheting sheave along with other mechanical geometry inside the CLUTCH along with the ergonomic handle combine for a smoother descent with control across the load range.


• Dimensions: 8.2" x4.4" x 1.9"
• Weight: 1.80 lbs
• Max load: up to 600 lb

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