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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) & Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus (SABA) & Bottlewatch


SCBA, SABA & Bottlewatch


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SCBA, SABA & Bottlewatch included in a single course.

Upon completion of this course, the trainee will be able to successfully:

  • Identify the purpose of the SCBA. 
  • Recognize the requirements workers must meet before wearing a SCBA. 
  • Recognize the inspection steps that must be completed to ensure operability of the SCBA prior to its use. 
  • Components. 
  • Donning Procedure and Use. 
  • Emergency Procedures. 
  • Removal Procedure. 
  • Changing Cylinders. 
  • Changing Cylinders in a Toxic Environment (Licensed Operations Personnel only) 

Identify the capabilities and limitations of the SCBA, including its assigned protection factor.
Demonstrate, through a practical exercise, the proper procedure for donning, use and removal of the SCBA.

Apply appropriate human error reduction tools.

This course consists of both classroom as well as practical field instruction.

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