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Breathing Air Trailer Rental


Breathing Air Trailer Rental

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Get ahead of the curve and back to work safely with Air Extreme’s line of air trailers. Your crew deserves the best safety equipment in the industry, and Air Extreme’s air trailers will exceed your expectations in quality and performance. Choose from a standard model, or customize for your needs. Rent, or buy. Crew with your own staff, or leverage Air Extreme’s years of safety experience with a turnkey crew member from Air Extreme.

Breathing apparatus and air distribution accessories are rented separately. Custom configurations are available.

Included with all Air Trailer rentals;

  • 2 self contained breathing apparatus  (SCBA)
  • 4 supplied air breathing apparatus  (SABA)
  • 10 300 cubic foot breathing air bottles
  • 700 feet of 1/4 air hose
  • 1 fill whip 6'
  • 4 two stage regulators 
  • 4 way manifolds 
  • 3 safe area signs 
  • 1 muster area sign 
  • 2 danger H2S signs 
  • 1 fire blanket
  • 1 Alberta #3 first aid kit
  • 1 wind sock and pole
  • 1 20lb 80°C fire extinguisher 
  • 1 7 pin to 6 pin electric plug changeover 

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